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Teichmann's first US solo museum show, Heavy the Sea,  will open at Transformer Station, Cleveland, January 14th  - May 2017.

Esther is currently working on her first monograph (Fulmine) and a book of writing (Falling  On Loss, Desire and the Photographic), to be published by Stanley/Barker in 2017.



Inland Far at Herbert Read Gallery, UCA Cantebury, September 15th - October 7th 2016 includes work by Salvatore Arancio, Miriam Austin, Adham Faramawy, Susan Finlay, Florian Roithmayr, Mimei Thompson and Esther Teichmann.

Inland Far was the original title of poet and critic Herbert Read's only novel, completed in 1934 and published as The Green Child. The exhibition uses the original title to foreground the emotional, philosophical and psychological landscapes that the work explores, which in turn connect to Read’s interest in psychoanalytic theory (in a letter to Jung he claimed that the novel was a product of automatic writing).

The book is mysterious, heavily symbolic, mythic and dream-like, and incorporates both Modern and Surrealist influences. In the final section the protagonists plunge into a pool and, surrounded by a large bubble, come out in an underground, parallel world of crystals, caverns and grottoes, with green tinted people living in a sophisticated society structured around intricate rituals and philosophies. It is the atmosphere of this section that Inland Far particularly draws upon, evoking a subterranean phosphorescent world, where the organic and inorganic, and animal-vegetable-mineral freely mingle.


Another Magazine's editor Maisie Skidmore  in conversation with Teichmann about new work and ideas in Exploring the Sensuous Universe of Artist Esther Teichmann



Teichmann co-edited and produced, Staging Disorder, an exhibition and book edited and curated by the artist Christopher Stewart

Featuring Broomberg & Chanarin, Geissler/Sann, Claudio Hils, An-My Lê, Richard Mosse, Sarah Pickering and Christopher Stewart, with site specific sound installations by CRISAP, the exhibition was shown throughout the galleries of the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London) and was designed by Studio Hato, January - March 2015.

Staging Disorder is published by Black Dog, featuring essays by the editors, David Campany, Howard Caygill, Jennifer Good, Adam Jasper and Alexandra Stara.