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Esther is currently working on her first monograph and a book of writing (Falling into Photography, On Loss, Desire and the Photographic), to be published as a two-volume edition by Stanley/Barker in 2016.



Esther is currently on a funded research sabbatical, working on a forthcoming book and making new works in Australia, the United States and the Ecuadorian Amazon. She will be back in the studio in London from January 2016.


In Search of Lightning, a solo show of new work, will be shown at Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris during November 2015.

New works will be shown at Paris Photo 2015 with Flowers Gallery and Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire.


Inheritors,  one volume within a new annual box set of small books published by Hotshoe, November 2015.

Each book contains a new series of images by an artist, which an invited author creates a short story in reponse to. The first box set is a series of five books, including Todd Hido and Roger Ballen. Teichmann's images are accompanied by a short story by Cyrus Shahrad. A limited edition box set with prints by each artist is available. 

Teichmann also has a new work in Hotshoe's limited edition artist prints.



Mondschwimmen, Zephyr, Reiss-­Engelhorn Museum, Mannheim Germany, June - September 2015. 

Teichmann's first museum solo show combined film installations, large scale painted backdrops, scultpures and photographic works.

During the exhibition, a string quartet performance of the score composed by Deidre Gribbin for Esther's film installation, Fulmine, featuring dancer and artist Sophia Wang, was held in the museum concert hall. Artist historian Carol Mavor read new poems she created in response to images within the show, while Teichmann read her own short stories, published in the artist book accompanying the show. 


Mondschwimmen, an artist book published by Zephyr, Reiss-­Engelhorn Museum in conjunction with the exhibition combines new work with short stories by the artist (limited editions with prints available).


A week of guest artist features with new work and short stories created for Der Greif.


We Come from the Water, a group show featuring installations and performance events by Esther Teichmann, Carol Mavor and Chantal Faust was shown at Lychee One Gallery, London March - April 2014.


Teichmann co-edited and produced, Staging Disorder, an exhibition and book edited and curated by the artist Christopher Stewart

Featuring Broomberg & Chanarin, Geissler/Sann, Claudio Hils, An-My Lê, Richard Mosse, Sarah Pickering and Christopher Stewart, with site specific sound installations by CRISAP, the exhibition was shown throughout the galleries of the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London) and was designed by Studio Hato, January - March 2015.


Staging Disorder is published by Black Dog, featuring essays by the editors, David Campany, Howard Caygill, Jennifer Good, Adam Jasper and Alexandra Stara.


Teichmann was the recipient of the 2014 Levallois AwardFractal Scars Salt Water and Tears exhibited as part fo the Levallois Festival, alongside solo shows by Lucas Blalock and Larry Sultan.


Fractal Scars, Salt Water and TearsFlowers Gallery, London, April - May 2014.

Cascading waterfalls and seashells whispering the lapping of waves are juxtaposed with statues who seem to be stepping out of the stone from which they are carved. A large scale backdrop of a cave is painted in dripping inks. Languid female nudes punctuate mythical landscapes, auto-erotic in their gaze and gesture, eyes turned away or averted to storm clouds above them. A pregnant woman lies under a night sky with a child lying between her thighs, another rests on her elbow, back turned, swallowed by the darkness of the boat-bed she is lying upon. Sisters, friends, lovers, strangers, these women of flesh and stone tell us of pleasure and longing. 


Published by Self Publish Be Happy for their bookclub series, a limited edition artist book with original cyanotype cover was published to coincide with the exhibition. At the centre of the book, a short story takes us further into the images and into the invisible oceans inside the shells' gleaming openings. Volume V follows artists including Mariah Robertson and Broomberg & Chanarin.