Selected Solo Exhibitions


Teichmann's first US solo museum show, Heavy the Sea,  will open at Transformer Station, Cleveland, January - May 2017.

She dives into blackness. Hurtling into and through darkness, everything inside her breathes with strength and relief. She swims downwards and away from land, eyes open, seeing nothing, saltwater entering every pore.

Something is shifting, changing. Waters churn faster, a low rumbling building steadily from a far off place. Black clouds plunge this otherworldly stage into momentary darkness, their edges deep cyan and petrol blues, backlit as the moon’s spotlight re-emerges. Looking back towards land, she imagines him sleeping with abandon, a world away. Low groaning escalates into distant cracks of thunder. Slivers of light flash on the horizon with a precision and force that betray their seeming delicacy. She thinks of his scar, of the almost ecstatic joy spreading across his face as he told her of the night he swam in lightning.

The rolling waves turn violently, breaking rhythm, no longer a gentle embrace. She should leave now, return to the rapidly diminishing shore, come back to her body, her separateness, lie beside him as though she had never left. Reluctance lingers and she hesitates too long. Raised up, tossed and recaptured, dragged under by a raging weight, her body sags, resistance futile. Every part of her is penetrated, pummeled by the howling sea. She gives in to the fury, knowing that only then will it release her. The skies turn upside down and as suddenly as she had found herself drowning, she is now expelled, thrown towards land.

She lies motionless, half submerged, eyes closed, returning slowly. Rain pours down, washing the salt away. And still it clings to her, seaweed in hair, Medusa writhing.



Awaiting Oblivion, Rostrum Project Space, Malmo, Sweden

Push It, Esther Teichmann and Chantal Faust, Lychee One Gallery, London

A Cave and a Seaweed Octopus
Teichmann's live painting performance of a large-scale backdrop of a cavernous opening, includes new work of a seaweed octopus ravishing an ecstatic, dreaming woman.

Heads, Haiku and Jellyfish
Chantal Faust performs writing haikus and painting heads whilst djing.



In Search of Lightning, Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris, November

Mondschwimmen, Zephyr, Reiss-Engelhorn Museum, Mannheim, Germany  June - September

Teichmann's first museum solo show combined film installations, large scale painted backdrops, scultpures and photographic works.

During the exhibition, a string quartet performance of the score composed by Deidre Gribbin for Esther's film installation, Fulmine, featuring dancer and artist Sophia Wang, was held in the museum concert hall. Artist historian Carol Mavor read new poems she created in response to images within the show, while Teichmann read her own short stories, published in the artist book accompanying the show.

Mondschwimmen, an artist book published by Zephyr, Reiss-­Engelhorn Museum in conjunction with the exhibition combines new work with short stories by the artist (limited editions with prints available).


Fractal Scars, Salt Water and TearsFlowers Gallery, London, April

Cascading waterfalls and seashells whispering the lapping of waves are juxtaposed with statues who seem to be stepping out of the stone from which they are carved. A large scale backdrop of a cave is painted in dripping inks. Languid female nudes punctuate mythical landscapes, auto-erotic in their gaze and gesture, eyes turned away or averted to storm clouds above them. A pregnant woman lies under a night sky with a child lying between her thighs, another rests on her elbow, back turned, swallowed by the darkness of the boat-bed she is lying upon. Sisters, friends, lovers, strangers, these women of flesh and stone tell us of pleasure and longing.

Fractal Scars, Salt Water and Tears, Levallois Award Exhibition, Paris (with Larry Sultan/ Mike Mandel and Lucas Blalock exhibitions)



Falling, Royal College of Art, London, November


Mythologies, Severed Head Project Space, Dublin


Lulled into Believing, Esther Teichmann & Henrietta Simson, Man&Eve, London, September

Mythologies, RMIT Project Space, Melbourne, August


Fragments, Galerie Karlheinz Meyer, Karlsruhe, Germany, May


Silently MirroredMan&Eve,  London, September

The Esthacus Teichwynd Photos, Spartacus Chetwynd & Esther Teichmann, Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch, Berlin, July